Frequently asked questions

What is a sail and bike tour?
A sail and bike tour is a holiday in which you make bike tours ; your "hotel" is a traditional, comfortable sailing ship. Your hotel room will be sailing along with you on your Sail and Bike Tour. You will not have to move from room to room and have to keep unpacking. You will spend every night in the same bed, but with a new view every day! You are served a breakfast every day, after which you make your own packed lunch. You usually leave the ship between 8:30 and 9:30. While the boat is travelling to the next harbour, you set off on your cycle ride, over mostly quiet paths and lanes and past all the interesting sights. The daily cycling distance varies – depending on your trip – from around 25 to 60 kilometres. Every day you will have lots of time to go sightseeing, explore the towns and villages, enjoy a break at a café or visit one of the many museums en route. At the end of the day you will be welcomed back aboard by the crew, where you will be able to chat with the other guests (different nationalities) about your interesting day! Do you not feel like cycling ? Then stay aboard to enjoy watching the countryside sail by! Simply find a nice spot on the sun deck or in the salon. That is what is so perfect about a Sail and Bike Tour ! (The barge doesn’t sail parallel to the cycle route, so you can't stop cycling halfway !) In the evenings you will be served a delicious three-course meal. Various drinks (such as coffee, tea, beer, wine, water, soft drinks) are available at the bar (for a fee). You can spend the rest of the evening in the salon, at the bar or outside on deck. The tour guides will tell you about next day’s cycle ride and there will be several city walks for you to go on. Of course if you would rather explore on your own, that is fine too. The boats are usually docked close to or in the town centre, making sure the sights, museums and shops are all in walking or cycling distance.
How large is the group on board?
The size of the group varies between 12 and 26 participants.
Which countries do the participants come from?
The principal countries represented by our cycling guests are : United States, Canada, Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Spain. However we regularly welcome South Africans, Australians and of course Dutch people.
What is the average age of the participants?
The ages vary between 25 and 65, but of course we have younger and older guests. During school vacations there are more children on board.
Can you rejoin the ship before the end of a stage?
No, the ship doesn't take the same route that the cyclists do. Sometimes the route may be altered because of weather conditions or repairs to bridges or locks and then the guests and the guide can arrange with the skipper to be met at a different place. Naturally you can always stay on board for one or more days.
What happens if it rains?
Most people wear rainwear and get on their bicycle. If the weather makes cycling absolutely impossible (this doesn't happen very often!) the guide will arrange an alternative programme which might include a longer visit to one of the towns along the way or cultural excursions.
Do you have to wear a safety helmet in Holland?
No, but it is of course sensible to wear one.. We provide a safety helmet with a child seat, slipstreamer (tag-along) or child's bicycle. (Not on all barges there are helmets available)
What languages do the guides speak?
English, German and Dutch. Most of them speak French. We also have a few guides who speak Spanish and/or Italian. We try to match the guide's linguistic abilities with the nationalities in the group.
Are the sail and bike holidays suitable for children?
All the trips are suitable for children. However, please be sure to check in advance whether your children can cycle between 30 and 60 kilometres a day. Of course, you are also welcome to remain on board the ship for one or more days. Children up to and including the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Insurance ... ?
We advise you to book a casualty, baggage or cancellation insurance (if you have not already got continuing travel insurance, of course). Please note that most insurance companies demand that cancellation insurance is arranged at the same time or shortly after you book your holiday.
Can I pay with creditcard?
Yes, we accept creditcard payments through pay-pal
I follow a special diet. Is this a problem?
On the contrary. You can specify all your special wishes, such as vegetarian meals, with your booking. If in doubt, contact us.
What happens in the event of a breakdown of the bike ?
Fortunately this is very rare, since our rental bikes are almost new and well maintained. If you get into trouble on the road anyway, then a phone call to us is sufficient. We will make sure that you are back on your bike as soon as possible. Of course you can in most cases ask your tour guide for technical assistance. We assume, however, that you can carry out minor repairs, such as replacing a blowout.
Can I bring my own bike?
Yes, in most cases this is possible. If you want to bring your own bike, indicate this at the moment you book the trip. Please bear in mind that you have a comfortable bike with sufficient gears: you can estimate this yourself.