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With Sail and Bike Holland, you can make a wonderful sail and bike holiday in Holland or another part of Europe. An active outdoor holiday : make a bike tour during the day, and sleep in a hotel sailing ship. Your hotel room comes along with you ! With Sail and Bike holidays, the cycling tours are guided if you want ; your accommodation is on a sailing barge. The ships are, of course, also available for charter cruises for your group.

Questions? We are happy to help you !

If you have any questions about a sail and bike holiday, simply send us an email, and we will get back to you within a day.

Sail and Bike Holland has an overview of all sail and bike holidays in the Netherlands, and we are happy to offer you the most appropriate tour for your wishes and needs.

In case you want to charter a ship for your group, for a sail and bike holiday, or without biking at all - please let us know !

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